Unwind Wrap

Im not very good with the titles lately. I don’t think I am going to reach my short term target straight away, however I have knitted the Unwind Wrap from Rowan Magazine 49. The pattern calls for 2 balls of  Rowan Summer Tweed in one shade, one ball in four other shades and the same amount in Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I found I only  used one ball of each  shade and in all bar the first shade in KSH I used approximately half a ball so it’s a great pattern for using oddments up. It is the easiest pattern I have ever knitted. Even the fringing is easy, you just tie a knot every fourth row when you join a new shade in. I am almost up to the collar of the second side of  Dominka  and have knitted half of both sleeves of Vivienne


Short Term Targets

I am due back at work in 6 weeks and before I return I thought I should use this time to finish some bits so I have set myself a couple of goals.

Knitting wise I want to finish Dominika, Vivienne and The Knitter Subscription Cushion.

Sewing wise I want to  sew a couple of  the basic sewing bags for display. I also want to finish the christmas stockings and hem the sashes for the bridesmaid dresses.

If I get time I also want to sew the wedding message book cover. I’ve already designed it just need to do a test run then the real thing.

I shall update on here as as and when these targets are reached or should that be if?