It’s that time time of year when one has to start making lists. One almost has to write a list of the lists one has to write.
This year hasn’t quite got to that stage yet but so far we have the Christmas card list and the Christmas present list. It’s too early for the Christmas food list. I also have these sewing to do list and the knitting to do list, I had got to the stage where I only had one knitting project on the go but that has gone by the wayside. On my needles at the moment are:
1-Vibrant Sweater from Vogue Knitting, I am onto the body,
2-Hogwarts Express a small shawl in worsted weight yarn
3- Lille a cardigan in 4 ply for Evalyn
4- Mystery Blanket 2014 , this strictly speaking is in hibernation but I do need to start knitting it for Evalyn.
I have written another two hat patterns Harry and Nick so have been test knitting these. I am pleased with the results.
Now we come to the sewing projects. I am so very far behind with these as I just do not have any free time to sew at the minute. The knitting gets done because it’s portable and I can knit whilst travelling.
1-numerous project pouches which are the most important to get done.
2- 2 dresses for Evalyn
3- Advent calendar for Harry and Evalyn
4- stocking for Evalyn
5-tulip dress for me
6-vintage top for me
7-sew buttons on a coat
8-shorten sleeves on a top
9-2 pairs of PJs

All of these are cut out or part sewn and need to be finished. The pouches are the most important but I may need to finish the two dresses for Evalyn before she outgrows them