Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

this week I found a couple of old fountain pens that weren’t working very well. I was going to throw them away but decided to try and clean them. Apparently there is a product you can buy to flush them out but I searched the whole of Bluewater and couldn’t find any. Apparently you should give your fountain pen a flush every six to eight weeks or when you change inks. I asked the lovely people in the Mont Blanc store and they suggested I put the nib in a small beaker of water, just enough to cover it and leave it overnight. I followed the steps and my pens worked immediately. I am so happy and will be flushing my pens regularly. I will update with photos at a later date.



Well, daughter number 2s wedding is fast approaching. It is this weekend in fact and I still have so much to do. My daughter is a very independent young lady and has done most of the wedding stuff on her own. Now I have just been given 80 napkins on which to sew labels commemorating her wedding. A kind of wedding favour! I also have her ring cushion to finish. I don’t have much to do but the sides of the arch still need a few stitches. It’s the part with lots of individual stitches in different colours, aargh. Isn’t funny how you want your children to be independent as adults, and they enjoy being independent. When things get manic however, they then want to be more dependent, aren’t happy if you don’t pander to them and remember things with a glass half empty view. Nowt so strange as folk.