This is the blog of a very undomesticated crafter. It will mainly be about crafting but may delve into other aspects of my life so here’s a mini bio.

I am an undomesticated crafter,  with rather large fabric stash, a getting smaller yarn stashes and  full time job. I am married to a CLL sufferer.

I truly believe that knitting is in my DNA as I don’t even think about what I’m doing when I knit. It really is second nature to me.
I love sewing ,knitting and also do scrapbooking, cross stitch and card making although these have fallen to the wayside a little. I have always crafted since a child although I do not remember being taught how to knit or sew.
My earliest knitting memory is being around age seven and being helped by a friend on the lower playground how to fix some of my stitches.
I also remember doing many an embroidery kit as child and at the age of 16 I sewed my sister in law a complete layette and baby bag set. I am very much one of the make do brigade as I have often unpicked voluminous adult dresses to make children’s clothes and before I do discard any clothes the buttons, zips, trimmings are all checked and removed if needed for other projects. Hence the HUGE button stash too.
I have recently rediscovered patchwork so all my odd scraps are now being cut into squares ready for patchwork.

I regularly destash and give yarn or fabric to friends, charity shops, schools and craft groups.

My other passions are reading and movies


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there, love the blog! I found you via Ravelry. Wow, what a busy bee you are! I just wondered if you might raid your stash to swap or sell some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK Shade 342??? Maybe you might consider it??? A very good friend has almost finished her latest project but she’s going to run short. I hope you don’t think it too much that I am asking. Would really appreciate your reply. Many thanks, TinaOR

  2. Hi Jenny You kindly wrote a lovely blog on the first Waltham Abbey Wool Show in 2014. Wondered if you would like to do the same at our third show on Sun 17 Jan 2016 Do hope you are free to attend. Bigger and better this year with more exhibitors, more workshops and more demonstrations plus Best Funky gloves or mitten competition. Kate Towerzey, Event Organiser

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