Family Recipes

Today whilst cooking dinner I started thinking about the individual things my parents and grandparents cooked. They each had a dish no one else could match.
My mum made the most amazing and delicious sausage rolls and stuffing, she mixed something in with the sausage meat.
My grandad was quite the cook but the main thing we all think of when we think of him is bacon butties. Every visit he would make who ever came a bacon roll or sandwich. The rolls had to be crusty and sometimes he’d fry some tomatoes to go in them. He also made the best gravy for which I do have the family recipe. His Christmas stuffing was also delicious as he added various ingredients and he made the best roast potatoes.
Nan was known for her pastry and every year she would make it for people to make their own pies. I still have her Kenwood Chef with which she used to make christmas cakes and puddings. I can remember the smell from the red tin of black treacle she would use. She also made all grandads pies and puddings from scratch. She used to have a large chest freezer in the kitchen and I can remember many a time as a child watching her roll out the pastry on top of it.
Grandma made the best daal around and to this day I haven’t found anywhere that makes it as well. She also made an oxtail stew which as a child I used to love.
In our family I am know for my homemade coleslaw, rice salads and spaghetti bolognese . Continuing the tradition my daughter makes an amazing cheesecake and lasagne


Mystery Cushion 2011

I have finally unearthed last years Mystery Cushion from Debbie Abraham and am on the way to finish it.

I had hit a block on the lower back piece, not sure if it was the pattern or the changing of colours or both but at some point this week something clicked and I was on my way.  I finished it and started the upper half which is going a lot quicker than the other half. My aim is to finish this before the week is up. I have so many projects I want to knit  as well as get on track with this years Mystery Blanket and I need to cast on a sock for baby jones labour in case it’s a long one.

Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

First is the baby blanket. I was working on this before my daughter was even married let alone expecting. It was meant to be one of those projects that would be ready long before my daughter became pregnant, but as usual I got side tracked by other projects. The blanket design is by the wonderful Debbie Abrahams, called Building Blocks and knitted in the lovely Rowan Wool Cotton. All from stash.
The only change I made was that I knitted it 5 x 7 instead of 7 x 7

Busy Busy Busy

Having just looked through some of my knitting and sewing books I have come to the realisation that I am a project knitting. I have a long list of items I want to knit and the list is continually growing.  I often find a pattern in one of the many magazines I sunscribe to and if the yarn is in the stash will knit it. On many occassions I have no one in mind for the item I am knitting. I just knit it and it will go in the bottom drawer for the appropriate time, when the person who it should go to finds me. At the moment my mind is buzzing with baby bits I want to make. So many vests and slipovers to make, tiny dungarees to be sewn in under an hour, socks with colourwork, norwergian mittens, too much choice.

Baby Shower

Today was the baby shower for Sarah and baby Jones. I was given my orders and everything had to be ready for it and even though she’d seen most of it she wanted it to be given to her at the shower. If I’m honest I’m not sure of the point of baby showers, other than to get lots of gifts. I’d rather do my gifting after the baby is born. none the less a good time was had by all. We had to blind taste some baby food and all agreed that the savoury ones were disgusting but I found the banana and apple one quite nice! Predictions were made for the labour length, time and date of birth. The ranged from April 12th – May 7th and labour times from 3 hours to 12. Lets hope it’s the lower end of the scale.

For the shower I had made a cot quilt, a cot bumper, some flannels which were edged in the same fabrics as the quilt, a swaddle and the blanket. I am really pleased with the results and my other daughter Jemma was rather shocked for some reason. She kept saying did you really make all those they’re really good. I wasn’t sure whether I should be insulted or complimented. I also made the baby a few comforters which some of the mums there were so impressed with they asked me to make them some.

My favourite item was the swaddle which will be my new must make present for new babies. It’s not long now and I am so excited. I am so looking forward to becoming Nanna Jen.

As soon as I can find the lead for my camera I will upload pictures