A friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while contacted me and had read the blog, this got me thinking that I should revisit an old post and see what was still ongoing project wise from the pre Christmas post

  • The Vibrant Sweater is back on track slowly but surely.
  • Hog warts Express shawl is finished and gifted 
  • Lille finished and gifted
  • Mystery Blanket 2014 no change
  • Evelyn’s dresses no change 
  • Advent calender started
  • Stocking for Evalyn finished
  • Tulip dress half done
  • Vintage top, no change 
  • Sew buttons on a coat done
  • Shorten sleeves on top no change
  • 2 pairs pjs no change

 hogwarts expresss  




I have reached the point where I believe (according to the boxes in the shed and Ravelry) I have SABLE. For those not in the know SABLE stands for: Stash Approaching Beyond Life Expectancy. There are only so many lace weight shawls I will be knitting. I have been semi ruthless with the yarn and am going to choose certain yarns to keep and destash. All Rowan Wool Cotton, Wool Cotton 4ply , Cotton Glace and Felted Tweed will stay. Oh nearly forget the pure wool worsted is a definite keeper. All the Cashsoft and Cashcotton will go. I am undecided about the Handknit Cotton  and the Denim as I know I have a few blankets I want to knit, which is a bit of a laugh as I have only knitted one square of this year mystery blanket and still have last years to finish. I am working it out on meterage. I would rather sell off my mainstream yarns with the exception of those mentioned and keep the yarns from independent dyers and spinners. In my stash there is so much lace and 4ply yarn for shawls in the most amazing fibres that I picked up at various yarn shows including the marvellous I Knit shows and Knit Nation. I do not know why I have so much Rowan Kidsilk Haze in all it’s formations. Actually that’s a lie. I do know why I have so much I can’t resist it’s colours especially when it’s reduced. Fair enough however I am not a fan of knitting with it. Go figure. I have decided I am allowed to keep one nine litre box of KSH incase I get a change of heart. Even with the indie dyers I am looking hard at the colourways and if it’s not really my colour I am going to lose it.

I probably have SABLE for fabric too but fabric can be used quicker and this year I aim to sew lots of tops and dresses for myself. I have some gorgeous fabric, Liberty’s, Laura Ashley, Rose and Hubble, Some is vintage, some is …ahem, new. I have some fabric I don’t particularly like so will be using these to test new patterns so that if it doesn’t work out I won’t have wasted any fabric and of it does it saved me money buying more fabric for a toile. Wish me luck and watch this space

40 days of lent

A few weeks ago whilst browsing the web I saw a poster which made an impact on me, The poster said instead of giving something up for lent why not fill a bag a day for charity. I had been planning to destash from my various craft collections so I decided to  take it on board and was soon destashing for England. I am still doing this and  have a large number of bags in my kitchen ready to go to one of the various charity shops in my area, much to my daughters annoyance. I have managed to donate at least two shelves of craft books. Numerous items of clothing, shoes I haven’t worn for years and even household items. Tonight I decided to open Pandoras box AKA the unfinished projects  box. Wow there was (is) a lot. This is where I even surprised myself. I looked at each item and decided if it was something I still wanted to sew. If it wasn’t the pieces sewn and unsewn with the pattern and project bag went into the charity bag. I am ashamed to say there were some garments I had cut out for Evalyn which will not fit her now. I am undecided whether to sew these or just donate the lot to the charity shop. There aren’t any baby girls due in the family so I shall finish the others then decide. I have already reached my 40 bags, a mixture of boxes, large carrier bags and large bin bags. I shall be continuing to do this long past the 40 days and would encourage every one to try it for at least week