New Start

As I will be moving and downsizing I am having making a real effort to sort the stash out and get rid of the stuff I know I am not going to use. I have made a good start and given away some bits to friends and I have sold over three kilos of yarn. It doesn’t sound that much until you realise that it was all mohair. I inherited lots of acrylic and this has been given to friends and charities. It’s quite good having to sort through it all as I am finding the gorgeous yarns and fabrics and also uncovering some which begs the question, What was I thinking!

I will also be sorting through all my books and magazines and finding new homes for those I know I won’t use. The magazines I will definitely be keeping are all┬áissues of the ┬áRowan magazine, The Knitter and Knit Now. I have some books I have had since the 1980s and I never knitted anything first time round so am unliely to knit them now. These will be destashed gradually. I also aim to get on and update this blog a bit more regularly.