Too much to do, not enough time.

This year for the first time I thought I would sign up for the Ravellenic Games. I was doing well , no WIPs, on track with this years Mystery Cushion and Mystery Blanket, then July happenned. Not quite sure where it started but I suddenly have fallen behind. For the Olympic opening ceremony I decided I would put all other projects to one side and concentrate on my Ravellenic project. I chose WIP wrestling and am aiming to finish Toulon from Rowan Magazine 51. I was so ingrossed in the opening ceremony that I forgot to pick it up until two hours in, then on the Saturday I looked after my gorgeous grandson Harry for the night. I have almost finished the back now but this morning decided I needed to take stock and make a list of everything that needed finishing. This ranged from sewing projects started to those only cut out and the knitting projects on the needles.

The list has been made and has made me stop and think about what I need to get finished. The list is longer than remembered so this weekend I shall have to do some serious sewing.

The Knitting List

  1. Mystery Blanket 2012: 3 of Julys squares to knit and all of Augusts
  2. Mystery Cushion 2012 2 of Julys Squares to knit
  3. Toulon, Front and sleeves and a few rows of the back.

Sewing List

  1. Lisette Tunic , cut out needs sewing
  2. Tub Bag, cut out needs sewing
  3. Tub Bag, 3/4 sewn
  4. Messenger bag  x 2 cut out needs sewing
  5. Nappy Covers x 4 Cut out needs sewing
  6. Baby dunagarees x 3/4 sewn
  7. Camisole needs binding and hemming
  8. Lap Quilt for a wedding gift 3/4 of pieces cut out
  9. Baby mat needs binding and quilting
  10. Dribble bibs x 4 cut out needs sewing
  11. Dribble bib just needs poppers