Ally Pally 2014

I had hoped to go to the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace but I didn’t have the time. I was mainly going to renew magazine subscriptions which I really don’t need so maybe it was just as well.
As I never made it there I decided to treat myself to a few purchases online. This year is Evalyns first Christmas so I bought a lovely Hello Kitty stocking panel and a mini stocking advent calendar panel. Square DPNs are a favourite of mine and since suffering from Tennis Elbow figured a more ergonomic shape might be beneficial, so I invested in a knit pro nova set which I will be knitting Evalyns hat on. My final purchase was the amazing new book from Kim Hargreaves Still. There are three patterns I definitely want to knit from this book and as soon as I have finished my vibrant sweater I will start one. Now I’ve made my purchases I’m glad I didn’t go as I would have spent at least four times as much on stuff I didn’t necessarily want or need. Instead I have exactly what I want and I can buy a couple more bits next month.



It’s still the same old story

As usual I have over extended myself and have dropped the ball. I need to have a good think and re-evaluate things. The vibrant sweater has been put on hold after finishing both the sleeves, as unfortunately I have a case of tennis elbow. The physio is working well but I still have to be a good patient and limit the amount of knitting or sewing I do. One doesn’t realise how much one uses these muscles until one¬†does something and it hurts.

Sewing has been a little lax as well so next weekend I am planning to make a list of everything I need to do, both knitting and sewing and put it order of priority and pencil time to do it all in the calender. I actually think I’d get more done if I had to commute to work each day instead of my 20 minute walk.