One of Those Days

Today has most definitely been one of those days and it’s not yet 3 pm. Some one up there is telling me to stay at home, but I have lots to do so I am on my way.
My journey was a very short walk to the bus stop followed by another very short walk at the other end.
On the first attempt to leave the house it was fairly nice out, a warm sweater for clothing would suffice. As I closed the door I remembered an important telephone call I needed to make. Of course the paperwork and contact details were inside. Strike one.

Call made, second attempt to leave. The door closed and as I was locking it the heavens decided to open. Back inside I went to get a coat. That was when I first thought some one was trying to tell me something. So I decided to wait go back in for a while and do some washing.

Third time lucky or so I thought. Bag packed ready to go, hand on door, the phone rings. If it had been family I would have continued on my way, however it was a call I had been waiting for that needed to be dealt with before the weekend.

Thirty minutes later I go out the door only to see the bus depart. At this point I was thinking of giving up but I soldiered on and I have finally reached my destination. Now to get painting. Oh jo