Look Back through the year

Although I didn’t manage to make an item for every letter of the alphabet I did manage to make 38 items, knitted or sewn so I am still pleased with the result.
Next year I have different targets. I am still going to knit and sew lots from my stash but this time I am thinking of setting my targets monthly.
For the year I want to knit at least one shawl, finish the 2012 mystery blanket and cushion, make at least 6 items for my grandson Harry and my friends baby girl, I am thinking of make one for Harry, then make one for Baby Zozo. I also want to keep up todate with the Mystery Blanket 2013 and make my daughter Jemma a quilt topper for her bed.


A Rhyme for Nanna

My daughter suddenly became creative recently and made this version of Baa Baa Black Sheep, It is now the only version that is sung to my gorgeous grandson.

Baa Baa Nanna ,Have you any wool?

Yes Harry , yes Harry, three sheds full

One full of fabric, one full of wool and one full of needles to make it all for you.