I thought I was on top of it.

I have been having a bit of a sort out which is good. I have unearthed so many bits and pieces that I have looked at and thought what was I thinking.
On the plus side I have given three huge John Lewis carrier bags  full of fabric,  yarn and various other craft bits away to my knitting group. Unless I have some one or somewhere that will use the fabric or yarn I am not very good at getting rid of it. Whilst sorting out I came across a lot of unfinished projects, both sewing and knitting. It made me stop and think and for the first time I have come to the conclusion I have enough fabric, yarn and craft books. I definitely have too many books and am trying to be ruthless in the destashing of them.Even if I live to be a hundred I would not be able to make even just one project from each of them. There are some books I won’t be getting rid of , the Rowan magazines, my baby and children pattern books and any technique books.
In another post I will write about some of  my favourite craft books.



August was supposed to be a quiet month but it has proved to be a little busy. I was due to have surgery at the start of the month but it was cancelled as my consultant is on sick leave. Making the most of my time while looking after my gorgeous grandson I have been prepping for new workshops I will be teaching.