I am going to be a nanna

I have some amazing news, well it’s amazing for me. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild in late April/early May next year. Yes she was the other family member I spoke of previously. I have lots of knitting and sewing planned and aim to make complete outfits. I will knit a cardigan and sew two or three outfits to be worn with it. My daughter told me when she was 6 weeks when she came round with “food poisoning” to be looked after by mum. I put her to bed and ironically for the first time in two weeks didn’t ask her if she was pregnant. As well as being excited with the prospect of becoming Nanna Jen I am so very pleased for her and her husband. I really want to get stuck in and get the baby bits started but I must concentrate on Christmas gifts first. Although I have been buying some fabric for the baby as I  will be making the cot bumper , quilt and play mat, as well a few bibs

I have recently come back from holiday where I managed to finish Fetching and do some more on a girls comforter. THe A-Z 2011 is going quite well and I stand a good chance of finishing it. Pictures will follow shortly