Work Ethic

Its been a tough year but I am just about holding it all together. I am quite self aware and I do recognise my faults and try and work on some aspects of them .

On the whole I am quite easy going and very tolerant. It has come to my attention recently that there is one are where I have very high standards and am some what intolerant. What is this I hear you wonder? It’s the work ethic. I just don’t understand how people who have a good job, can’t respect their other team members and ¬†ensure they share the load or use their common sense to ensure one person is not left holding the baby so to speak. I have been thinking back over the years and luckily I have only experienced this in two of my job roles.
In one role one of my colleagues stole my ideas and sold them as their own, they also played the victim card, so would break down in tears if any one asked her about how they came up with the ideas. This same person would also take things off the shelf to do work for their other role and prep this stuff at work.

In another role I had a colleague who was consistently late and when you tried to speak to them, they had a don’t care attitude. You knew the time you started when you took the role. Why do think it’s okay for you to be late and others not? They were quite happy to go off the floor numerous times for cigarette breaks not caring if there was anyone left in the department or not. As long as their needs were met that’s all that mattered in their eyes.

In both these examples I guess it’s down to bad management. If you let someone continuously get away with things they will never think they are accountable and will continue their bad behaviour. Some one said to me recently that I should accept that people have different work ethics to me, which I guess is one way to look at it, but why shouldn’t everyone in a good job, at the same level have a good work ethic?