Whilst I have been bad and not update this blog for a while, I have been productive in my creativity. It’s been a hectic start to the second half of the year and I truly believe that if I hadn’t had my crafts I would not be a good place mentally.

According to my Ravelry Projects Page for 2018  I have made a total of 34 items with another 3 still WIPs using a massive 15,768 yards of yarn. The year hasn’t gone yet and I am sure that I will surpass the 16,000 yard mark. I have also donated and sold another 25,000 yards of yarn, which has made me very happy.

That’s the knitting and yarn accounted for  and on the fabric and sewing front I have made plenty of clothes for Evalyn, and a lap quilt for both Harry and Evalyn. I have so much planned for Christmas but as usual has left it until the last minute so not many sewn or knitted handmade gifts apart from those made earlier in the year.