New Beginnings Week 1

Well I finally did it. I have left my role as a Rowan Design Consultant. I still love Rowan yarns and fabrics but it just is not possible to do the amount of work required with no help in the contracted hours. However I do have a new job which I love, It is working in a call centre, but is far from a normal call centre environment as it has such a great fun atmosphere and you are valued as a staff member. As I am working evenings I have my days to meet friends, look after Harry and craft. Strangely since I am no longer crafting for a living apart from the odd workshop I have done so much. In the week since I left I have made three tops, knitted one pattern repeat on a shawl, started a top for Harry and taught some one how to knit. Let’s hope this level of crafting continues.

The tops are made from a  Sew Girl  pattern I got free with the fabulous magazine Love Sewing Magazine. It is one of the simplest patterns I have used and I only have one tiny complaint. It leaves it up to you to place the pockets. I would prefer to have been told , luckily I placed them correctly





Evalyn blog 1It’s been a hectic month and amongst all the  things going on I was extremely lucky to become a nana again. My daughter Sarah gave birth to the mini version of her on 29th June at 09.14am. Evalyn Dorothy Frances Jones came into the world weighing a mere six pounds five ounces. She had a huge mop of dark hair and was so petite. A month on and she has started to fill out a little, She is a tiny thing but very long. Her hair is getting lighter and now she is the image of her mother when she was born. I got very emotional the first time I saw her after  she had morphed into her mother. It was so bizarre, it was as if I was holding my first baby girl all over again. She is a noisy little thing and likes to giggle and make noises when she moves in her sleep. She is a very welcome edition to the family.


I have always been a fan of reinventing my clothes. Now it’s called upcycling to me it’s just common sense. If you have a garment which fits you perfectly but looks a bit dated or you’re a little bored with it don’t throw it away. Update it, change it, reinvent it. My favourite jacket for over 10 years was a faded brown velvet box jacket. It fitted me perfectly had a small mandarin collar and covered buttons. I updated it every few years by changing the buttons. In its last incarnation I bought the most gorgeous mother of pearl etched buttons. Unfortunately whilst on holiday in Lisbon I left my favourite jacket in a cafe, its still my favourite.  One day I will make a replacement.  I often buy tops I like in charity shops but sometimes the sleeves are too floaty for me so I unpick the seams narrow the sleeves or take them out completely. I have been upcycling a lot lately and with the arrival of my gorveous new granddaughter Evalyn (more on that in another post). She is very petite but long. Her sleepsuits fit her everywhere except in length where the footpart is too tight. This is where I come in. I took sleepsuits , cut off the feet added lace or binding  and a bit of applique and these will now fit her for a few more weeks.


I own two pairs of jeans,  one a pale dark blue,one mid blue. I was bored with the lighter ones decided to do something I hadn’t done for years. Dye them.
Many moons ago I had a fabric winter coat which started off pale pink and had three reincarnations as a lilac, purple and navy. This time I bought Dylon Wash and Dye Jeans Blue. They have come out a dark blue with grey tint but I am really impressed with how the colour came out. I used one bag for two pairs of jeans. Once I have finished  the dying and washed them through as per the instructions I do a normal clothes wash with clothes in the colour family I have just dyed.



It’s finished

It’s been another busy month and I didn’t get as much sewing done as I wanted but I did manage a fair bit of knitting. I knitted a cotton vest top and vintage dress for the new baby and the big news is that I completed Eldora. I really like the patterns and love the colours I have chosen, although I wasn’t such a fan of the sewing in of the ends. For once I have a top whose length is perfect for skirts. I really like the Cotton Glace and will be using it again when I try and finish Debbie Abrahams Mystery cushion from 2012.