It’s Been a While

>I’ve been off my game lately and not updated my blog for quite a while.
Longer than I had realised.
2011 is another year of shopping from the stash. I was part of the Shop the Stash group on Ravelry last year this year it’s called Stash Control 2011. One of the members dared us to calculate how much yardage we knitted last year and how much we had left in our stash in yardage to years.
Now I know I have a lot of lace weight yarn and Rowan Kidsilk Haze but I was stunned when I worked it out. I have 19 years worth of yarn if I go by last years yardage.
When I’d looked at in weight I only had abouyt 6 years so this has really shocked me into submission,
I have just had a hysterectomy so I shall finish this post or add another later.
tootle pips


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