5th February 2011

>Well not a lot has been done on the knitting front. I am still not sleeping prorperly and have bouts of energy but not enough to knit a lot.
I am persevering with Vivienne and if I had been knitting it flat I would have knitted the back and be a third up the front as it is being knitted in the round I am almost up to shoulder shaping.

Threaded the beads onto my yarn for Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket 2011 so may start knitting a few of those squares soon. Although I thinky my head is ironically too woolly to concentrate. I do find knitting blanket squares gives one an almost instant fix as you start and finish something quickly.

The jazz socks are coming along nicely and am on the home stretch.

I also attempted a few rows of the Dominika Collar. It’s nice to knit with the different yarns and the Felted Tweed Aran is gorgeous yarn to knit with. It helps with the startitus. I probably won’t start the Mystery Blanket until my head is a bit more focused. I started my HRT today so fingers crossed I start to sleep and my head becomes a but more focused. Maybe not HRT is good but it’s not a miracle worker!


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