I’m a lucky girl

>Today I recieved a care package to help me enjoy my recovery from my hysterectomy . I cannot tell you how excited I was when it came. It really cheered me up no end. there was some scrumptious yarn, books and a funky tape measure. The colours were just so spot on too.

It was a really nice surprise and I have been hankering after the Folk Shawls book for a while so that was an even better added bonus.
The body of Vivienne is finally finished but I still have the sleeves to do. Long stocking stitch sleeves in 4ply. Not really looking forward to them but at least it’s a small size.

A WIP which I had long since forgotten about was unearthed this week. Damson by Ysolda Teague. It’s a nice simple shawl pattern but for some reason despite trying it five different times I could not get my head around the pattern. It was me not the pattern, as it is a very simple one. I think I overthought it. I still made a couple of mistakes on this one but have left the mistakes in as I may do another and this can be my training shawl. I knitted it in Handmade Luxe Lace by Dyed in The Wool and was sent to me by Canadian friend Aryn as party of one of our monthly swaps.

I am still not doing as much knitting as I would have liked, having all this time to do nothing but knit. Unfortunately although the willingness is there ,the body and inclination are not always in agreement. Most of my knitting is currently done in the small wee hours when I can’t sleep or if I’m lucky enough to get the urge,in the day whilst watching some trashy TV.


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