Feels like I should have done more.

The Ravellenic games was a complete non starter for me. After a late start during opening ceremony I never got any further. Family commitments and just general life got in the way. I feel as if I have been constantly crafting but don’t feel as if I have achieved anything. I know that this is not necessarily true but that is how it feels.
Looking back at my last post I did finish quite a lot. From the knitting list I got up to date with both the Mystery blanket and cushion. I am currently upto date with the blanket except for some swiss darning but still have this months cushion squares to do. I still have my grandsons sweater to sew up and Toulon has been hibernated.
The sewing list went a little better and I managed to sew the Lisette tunic, both tub bags and messenger bags. The dungaree fabric has been used for something else and the camisole just needs hemming. I also managed to sew five lots of bunting. Four were presents one for work.


I am also slightly addicted to shawl pattern Alva by the lovely Karie.  knitted in the kidsilk haze stripe, it is quite striking but is a fast and easy pattern for a shawl.  Once I finish one I will post a pic.

My daughter has asked me for little mans winter knitwear . I have cast on his hat in red as that colour really suits him and it just happens to be one of my favourite colours. I hate to bring the dreaded C word up in September but I am already starting to think about christmas presents. I have four friends , five definite and six possible family members  to make for. I am looking forward to making them as I really enjoy making gifts for people. One of my friends gave me  good idea. She makes her own cards and for presents the sometimes makes a set of cards as the gift. I may be attempting this next year.


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