Number 11

I have come to a decision.  It’s the same decision I arrive at every few years. Next year I am only giving presents I have made. I have a few ideas,  for the young ones in my new Sew magazines is a pattern for a snakes and ladder mat. This should use a fair bit of fabric.


There is a new baby on the way and I am determined to make everything from my stash fabric. If its a girl it will be easy, not so much if it’s a boy. I am itching to get some sewing done  but am not up to it . A fairly new trend in craft magazines is that the patterns to make the projects shown have to be downloaded from a website. They are still free but I find it annoying.  If I pay for a magazine of patterns I do not expect to have to print them out myself. Ironically this is the last issue of my Sew subscription. I decided not to renew as there wasn’t much in the previous issues. This issue however had at least three projects I will be making and in  next month’s issue there looks like a couple of projects I will make. Signing off to see if I can download the patterns.


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