Draught Exluder tutorial. Cost zero.

I often make things off the top of my head but never think to write out instructions or take photographs.  This time  though I have written a tutorial. For months I have been meaning to make a draft excluder. I have the fabric and the stuffing but haven’t gotten around to sew it. This week the draft under the door was back and I knew I had to make one. As I am unable to machine sew at the minute my make do and mend mentality went into overdrive and this is the finished product. It can be made in minutes and doesn’t need to cost a penny as all the materials you need will be in your home.

It’s a bit basic but it does the job and you could jazz it up with beads or ribbons.

Tools and Materials needed

1 pair tights 40 denier or thicker
Beach towel

Step 1. Cut the Legs off the tights

Step 2. Fold beach towel in half so that the shorter sides are together.

Step 3. Roll towel up. It doesn’t matter which side you roll it from it’s which ever length suits you.


Step 4 Roll tight leg up as if you were going to wear it and insert towel into tight leg.

Step 5 pull tight over towel and tie a knot in each end.

Your draft exluder is ready to be used. The best thing is it didn’t cost a penny and when you no longer need it you can untie the knots wash the towel and put it away until its needed again.


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