Best present yet.

Yesterday we visited my daughter for lunch. We are having our family Christmas on Saturday as  my other daughter isn’t available until then. I’m looking forward to it. I think we rush Christmas.  My grandson gets  far too many presents, noisy presents and I think when they are spread apart he appreciates them a bit more. I’m the boring grandparent who gets him clothes and quiet toys that you have to interact with him to play.  Ironically he likes these toys as well as books a lot.
My daughter  wasn’t very happy that we had to wait until Saturday to exchange presents and insisted we opened our presents from our grandson. He’s really good at this shopping lark and he’s not yet two. I was very pleased with mine. I got a pair of Knitting needles with a Nana bead on the top. I don’t know how they knit yet but they are bamboo which is good and are a size 4.5mm which  I will use for aran sweaters for Harry. I love being a nanna



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