Digital Subscription Costs Illogical

I am having a good think about my current craft magazine subscriptions and a lot I will not be renewing. The problem with craft magazines, knitting ones in particular is that one tends to hold onto them once you have flicked though them. I think it’s because they have the knitting patterns in them and there is that way of thinking that I might need this pattern one day. It’s ridiculous really. If I was to buy one of the glossies for the same price I would recycle it once I’ve flicked through so why can’t I do the same with my craft ones. Every year I go through them all and see which ones I really am unlikely to need and either give them to a group or friend or I recycle them.
This time around I thought I would go the digital route. This would mean I could have all my copies on my tablet or laptop to browse at my leisure and never have to throw a copy away again. I browsed the various formats and imagine my shock and disbelief when I saw the price. The digital copy of Knit Now is £20 more than the hard copy. What makes it even worse is that you don’t get the cover gifts or any free gift that is offered if you take out a subscription and you don’t get your magazine until release date. I’m not fussed about the free gifts but if I am not getting them I would expect the subscription cost to reflect that. I have looked at other magazines as well and they all appear to be the same. You pay the same price for digital or hard copy yet with some of the hard copies you get a free gift as well.
As you can imagine I have gone with the paper copy. Twenty pounds was too big a difference to pay.

New Year Craft Resolutions

I have a large stash. No that’s not right I have a few large stashes. Fabric, yarn, buttons, embroidery they are all there. 2014 is the year I get these stashes down. I know it’s been said before but if I can’t make your present you’re not getting one. I aim to make my Christmas presents early log them on Ravelry with a note about the secret safe place I have hidden them. If I see a project I want to make, if I haven’t got the materials needed I can’t make it. My Christmas list for 2014 is already written with the age children will be beside their name.

I also aim to sell a large amount of my stash off. I will be giving friends first option but the other bits I don’t like or am never likely to use will be sold. I have written a list of all the yarns I want to keep which is probably a little longer than it should be. I want to keep all my non acrylic lace, 4ply, DK and Aran weight balls and anything with Alpaca. I also want to keep a lot of my good quality sock yarns and all my Rowan Felted Tweed, Cotton Glace, Hand knit Cotton, Wool Cotton, Big Wool and Pure Wool. I will be selling all my acrylic, novelty yarns, bulky yarns and what I call stranded cottons. Ranges like Sirdar soft cotton or Rowan Milk Cotton which looks as if you could pull it apart for embroidery.

I plan to sew my way through at least one 35 litre box of fabric and will probably be making little girls dresses in sizes that are too big for them. Last year in Liberty I bought a knicker making kit which I am eager to try to make some for my daughter. The fabric that comes with it is quilting cotton and a little stiff for my liking but I will use this for the first pair and then use Liberty Tana Cotton for the rest.

Watch this space to see how I do.

Happy New Year one and all