Today I am in the strange position of not having anything on the needles. The cove cardigan pictured below is finally finished,its more of a coat than a cardigan and I have 3 or 4 blankets to finish, but there are no squares on the needles so it is just weird. I really want to start a new project, but, as usual there aren’t any patterns in my vast library that jump out and say knit me. Well that’s not strictly true. I have grabbed a few balls from the stash I want to use these and it is for these yarns I can’t find the “knit me” pattern. I don’t want to knit a pattern I have knitted previously, I want to knit a new one. I keep going back to a new one I would need to buy, but why, why, why does this always happen when you have shelves full of patterns ?


A Tale of Two Projects

I am currently knitting two projects (not including those in the UFO pile), my Cove Cardigan, which has been on the needles far too long and a Slip stitch scarf. They are very different project with yarns of completely different weights  and fibres. I knitted both this evening and whilst I enjoyed both, a realisation came to me. A light bulb moment if you like.  I knit them in a different way. The cove Cardigan, I enjoy the first few rows and then whilst I still enjoy knitting it , it is more about getting finished and becomes a bit of a chore.  The slip stitch scarf is a a soothing pattern to knit, I’m not sure if it’s the simpleness of the pattern or the yarn- Manos De Uruguay  Nanu- or the thin needles. The slip stitch scarf is so relaxing and enjoyable to knit, I am definitely knitting this one for pleasure . My only concern is how long the yarn will last.

It’s funny how different projects give you different experiences, both have wonderful yarns. For the Cove cardigan I am using the sadly discontinued Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky in a gorgeous undyed Shetland colour. The slip stitch scarf is knitted in  a silk, merino bamboo blend. It is deliciously soft and smooth. I am using a mid grey and deep blue. This pattern could be the one to use up all those skeins of sock yarn.








I thought I would take part in this years Ravellenics. For those of you not in the know, Ravellenics is a knitting competition on the fabulous Ravelry. timed to tie in with the Olympic games. We cast on during the opening ceremony and finish before the end of the closing one. There are numerous events for us to take part in and laurels to be won. These include WIP Wrestling, Scarf Hockey and Bag Backstroke, full list below with how many competing in each category. For each event we wish to enter we set up a project page with tags for the relevant event. I am in Team Tea Yarn 2016

Ravellenic Summer Games 2016 Events

Afghan Marathon 174 entries 1%
Bag Backstroke 118 entries 7%
Cowl Jump 352 entries 1%
Frogging Trampoline 764 entries 43%
Garment Polo 148 entries 7%
Hat Dash 721 entries 5%
Household Heptathalon 331 entries 9%
Mitten Medley 255 entries 2%
Scarf Hockey 261 entries 2%
Shawl Sailing 842 entries 0%
Sock-Put 541 entries 1%
Sweater Triathalon 617 entries 0%
Synchronized Spinning 135 entries 8%
Toy Toss 310 entries 7%
WIPs Wrestling 2953 entries 3%
The other projects I plan on knitting are Zauberlehring a nice easy scarf to do whenever I have time but can’t concentrate on something more difficult, Daughter of Eve fingerless mitts and  Back hand Hitch fingerless mittens for Harry or Evalyn as I can’t decide on which yarn to use. The final project I entered was this years Mystery Blanket from Debbie Abrahams. I am behind with my squares so I have set myself the target to finish the ones up to August as well. I made my self a chart so I can track how much I have do and how much I have done.
 I am really looking forward to all this knitting , once it’s all done I can get back to some sewing.


It’s that time time of year when one has to start making lists. One almost has to write a list of the lists one has to write.
This year hasn’t quite got to that stage yet but so far we have the Christmas card list and the Christmas present list. It’s too early for the Christmas food list. I also have these sewing to do list and the knitting to do list, I had got to the stage where I only had one knitting project on the go but that has gone by the wayside. On my needles at the moment are:
1-Vibrant Sweater from Vogue Knitting, I am onto the body,
2-Hogwarts Express a small shawl in worsted weight yarn
3- Lille a cardigan in 4 ply for Evalyn
4- Mystery Blanket 2014 , this strictly speaking is in hibernation but I do need to start knitting it for Evalyn.
I have written another two hat patterns Harry and Nick so have been test knitting these. I am pleased with the results.
Now we come to the sewing projects. I am so very far behind with these as I just do not have any free time to sew at the minute. The knitting gets done because it’s portable and I can knit whilst travelling.
1-numerous project pouches which are the most important to get done.
2- 2 dresses for Evalyn
3- Advent calendar for Harry and Evalyn
4- stocking for Evalyn
5-tulip dress for me
6-vintage top for me
7-sew buttons on a coat
8-shorten sleeves on a top
9-2 pairs of PJs

All of these are cut out or part sewn and need to be finished. The pouches are the most important but I may need to finish the two dresses for Evalyn before she outgrows them

It’s all going well

The yarn destash is continuing and as of today I have destashed the grand total of ..18810g. It is still quite a satisfying and almost therapeutic thing to do. The fabric won’t be as easy, but I am due a granddaughter at the end of June so lots will be used to make clothes for her. However I very much doubt that any will be sold or given away.
It doesn’t feel as if I’ve knitted much although I have. Zahras coat is complete I just need to sew the buttons on, still knitting Ysoldas follow my arrow shawl, knitted Evalyn a bonnet, two of my mystery blanket squares and a cowl for a swap.

Update buttons sewn on

Pattern–toddler-tiered-coat-and-jacket YARN Touch Yarns Mt Pisa
Yarn in 25g
Yarn out knitted 385g
Yarn out sold/donated 8350g
Total 19110g –

Over commit much?

Late last year I bought Ysoldas Follow the Arrow MKAL (mystery knit a long). I was determined to knit from stash and found some Precious 4ply silk.itisso lovely and soft and a dream to knit with. I cannot post a picture of the shawl until the knit a long is finished but here’s the yarn.

When I signed up to this I thought that I’d never done a mystery knit a long before, then brain kicked in and I remembered Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket . I guess I don’t think of it as a mystery knit a long and yet that is definitely what it is. So as well as doing the follow the arrow shawl, I am doing Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket and a smaller version of her playmat blanket. In my brain fog I also signed up for a couple of swaps which involve knitting a small item. There are also the birthday presents I will be knitting and I have a long list of sewing I need to do. I knitted option B in the shawl but after seeing option A I was very tempted to cast on another shawl, luckily common sense took  ovetr and if I haven’t got too much on once its finished I may knit another and use more of my stash.
I am only putting totals in and out once a project is finished

One present down

I have finished my second project this year.itis the T.A.R.D.I.S hat for my nephew birthday.he is massive doctor who fan and has been since he was three.  Iam hoping to knit him a dalek facecloth to with it . This is the only project I am buying/have boughtyarn for this year.
I used Rowan Pure Wool Aran.and Kid classic for the cream from stash . It was a fairly easily knit. I did swiss darn the cream windows after knitting them.
This used about 110g of the Pure Wool Aran and a few metres of the kid classic.

Yarn in 200g
Yarn out knitted 100g
Yarn out sold/donated 2660g
Total 2014 – 5860g