International Womens Day

This year the International Womens Day fell on March 8th. I spent the day at the lovely Liberty teaching a Learn to Sew class. One of the ladies mentioned it was International women’s day and that some feminists would say that learning to sew would set the movement back we had a good discussion about it inbetween the sewing.
When you think about it learning to sew is very empowering.  If you can make your own clothes and furnishings you are only reliant on the fabrics available to you. You will never be reliant on a high street buyer deciding what you will be wearing. You will always be able to make something for yourself to wear . You will be able repair, recycle and upcycle your clothes. The possibilities are endless. A favourite item of clothing that fits perfectly but is falling apart, can either be embellished to repair and refresh it or unpicked and used as a pattern to make another one. If you wanted to take it to another extreme you coukd weave your own fabric. Buy some plain fabric and print your own design on it. Never again willyou need to ask someone to sew a buttonon or hem a skirt or trousers.
How empowering is that?


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