Decision Made

As you saw, the patterns had been shortlisted and the winner is………… drum roll please……………Eldora from Rowan Magazine 55.
I am using Rowan Cotton Glace from my stash in different colours than suggested. I chose the colours randomly by writing down how many balls I needed by letter, opened the odd ball box and took the colours out on a first come first served basis. For once I didn’t over think it and just went with the flow.
It worked I am really enjoying the way the colours are coming together.  I am finding it very addictive in the same way as cross stitch and colourwork . It’s the colour and pattern changing that inspires me and keeps me going when I should stop. One thing I hadn’t noticed before starting to knit is that it has a few rows of stranded knitting. The only slightly frustrating pattern row is where you have to wind the yarn three times per stitch, which as I’m knitting it in the round seems to take forever. A mini downside is all the ends I’ll have to sew in. The photo shows one not quite finished pattern repeat



One thought on “Decision Made

  1. I’ve just started the Eldora! How are you changing the colour? Are you breaking off the yarn each time? I am trying Russian joins but it’s very hard with the smooth yarn! It’d be good to hear how you are doing this as I’ve little experience of using more than one colour! thanks (and good luck – I don’t think mine will be finished to benefit from the current weather!)

    Thanks Mel I am just loosely tying the ends together and will sew in at the end of each patter repeat. My colour choices were A dark Brown, B purple, C right blue D citronella, E Pink F electric blue G dark green and H gold

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