New Beginnings

As well as finishing lots of projects in August I joined a gym. I still can’t quite believe it but after talking about it for many years I am finally doing it. Not only have I joined, but I have used the gym and taken a class. I have discovered I am fitter than I thought I was but I cannot use a tread mill. It is rather frustrating, I mean it’s only walking. To  my surprise I am a natural on the cross trainer and bikes. I had an induction with the lovely Zoe who has given me great advice on which classes to take and how long to use each machine until I have my next session with her.  I am looking forward to using the gym at least twice a week and have my sights set on a few different classes. I am determined to keep it up.

On the crafting front I still have numerous sewing projects cut out ready to sew. I really need to get on with them or Harry and Evalyn will have outgrown them. On the knitting front I have started Hogwarts Express by Susan Ashcroft in the most gorgeous purple pink Yarn Hollow Tor Worsted Superwash, the shade name is violent violet. I do love the yarn and wanted to knit the pattern but the reason I am using the both now is because the lovely Harry did his usual of picking up the ball of wool, holding it to his face and saying ooo wool. Unfortunately he had been eating Dairylea and some got on the yarn, now even though I wiped it off I couldn’t really wash the yarn properly without it being made up. Well done Harry, good choice!

One of the projects I want to knit and have kitted up is the gorgeous Vibrant Colourwork Pullover from the new Vogue Knitting by Marie Wallin. I would really love to do it in the same colours as the pattern but I am determined not to add to my stash so am knitting it in slightly different colours. I will still be using the two main colours yellow and green, a slightly different green.


Luckily I did have the yarn except in slightly different colours. Orange will be replaced with red. I am really looking forward to knitting this in the fabulously wonderful and soft Rowan Alpaca Colour and Rowan Kid Classic. I plan on knitting this in the round up to the arms and will be knitting the arms first. I can’t wait to start knitting it



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