i couldn’t think of a title so minidisc pump seemed appropriate as I am doing well with my de stashing . I ahem de stashed two black refuse sacks to charity stores ,sold enough yarn to pay for my new glasses and swapped loads of my sock yarn for a hand crocheted blanket. I am determined to only knit from stash this year. It has had a couple of aargh moment like finding the yarn for the Outlander MKAL. I had a couple of skeins that were had enough yarn but had 200m more than I needed and I just couldn’t bring myself to use them in case I found a shawl with thAt amount of metres. I have almost finished Harry’s sweater, finally started another mystery blanket square and am working on a shawl. There are a large number of empty yarn boxes which is great but there is still a lot more to be got rid of and I haven’t started on the fabric yet.

On another note I have been a little extravagant. I decided a while back the only way I am going to get back on track with this years mystery blanket is to take it away with me on holiday. For this reason alone I purchased one of Liberty gorgeous mini suitcase. This will be used for my holiday knitting only, after all it is the most important Item to pack. 



4 thoughts on “#minifistpump

  1. Do you remember I contacted you a while ago re a particular DebbieBliss yarn you had in our stash – I didn’t hear again about whether you wanted to destash it it or not? Just wondering if you thought any more about it?

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