Pen Flushing

I promised earlier that I would write a more detailed post about maintaining your fountain pens. I have been writing with fountain pens for decades . There is a serene pleasure writing with a fountain pen. Over the years I would rinse my pens out  with varying degrees of success, when they wouldn’t write properly. Recently I have been made aware that one should be flushing your pens every 6- 8 weeks or when you change the brand of ink you are using. 


Rinse the nib of pen and place nib in a beaker of water, just enough to cover the nib piece. Leave for 24 hours.

If there is a lot of ink in the water you can replace the water after an hour and then leave until e 24 hours are up.

After 24 hours place nib in an empty container with a piece of kitchen roll or blotting paper and leave until it has dryed fully

  I have been having issues uploading posts lately so will add more pictures at a later date.


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