Cinema Knitting

I have always loved going to the Cinema. I love it all, the trailers, the adverts. the way the screen appears to get bigger as the film starts. You cannot beat seeing a film at the cinema.

All the chains have membership plans. Cineworlds one is great value for £17.50 monthly for one person for unlimited films. I often take my grandchildren to the cinema or go with my husband so I chose a different plan. I chose the Everyman unlimited plan, this is more expensive at £50 per month but it gives me unlimited tickets for 2. This enables me to take my husband, grandchildren or a friend to the Cinema. As long as I go with some one twice in the evening three times in the day I have saved money.

When I take the grandkids to the cinema, they like to travel by bus and Harry loved the sofa seating at Everyman, as do I. Everyman is the easiest Cinema other than out local Reel cinema to get to. The difference is that going to Everyman really feels like a treat or going out. I love the sofas, the food being brought to you and that where ever you sit you get a good view as the rows are up one.

After seeing a film, especially a long one I feel relaxed and refreshed. I always have a simple, garter stitch or stocking stitch project ready that I can knit whilst watching the films. I’ve already started the grandkids scarves for this winter. Expect to see some thoughts on the films I’ve seen in future posts


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