Oh No more yarn day 20

Yesterday my friend Donna came around with two huge bags of yarn. I should say no I can’t take it but I just can’t do it.
There is a huge variety of gorgeous yarns and novelty yarns, brands I haven’t tried and some I have.
My particular favourites in this batch are some Arucania alpaca yarn in pinks and browns, The knitting goddess sock club blanket yarn as well as some Collinette which is 10 years old. We both talked about how sometimes we both think it would be nice not to have a stash and just see a project buy the yarn and knit it . Obviously our habits aren’t going to change regardless of how much we think it would be better for us.
I am good though with any yarn or fabric I am given  I go through it all, choose what I will use and then give to friends, my knit group or nursing homes. I say I will use, I didn’t say when!