The 12 Days of Christmas

At the moment there is very little I can do other than a little knitting and lots of reading. There’s only so much television a person can watch.
At the beginning of the year had all the best intentions. I was going to make all my Christmas presents throughout the year so December would be a nice quiet month. Well we know how that went. I managed to make one pair of socks and have fallen way behind on my friends present for her fortieth as well as the mystery blanket. I had also planned to regularly update this blog but time got in the way. There have been times when I could have updated it but it would have been gobblygook.
I have managed to make  lots of items in 2013 but not as many as I would have liked. Why do we do this to ourselves?  We have a long list of things we would like to make, mainly for other people but keep adding to it. No one expects us to do it all,  well not everyone, but we still do it year after year.
I have bought a few bits and have decided that the ones I don’t manage to make will get gift tokens with a picture of their item to be made.
As it’s the first day of advent I am going to try and blog a bit each day even if its only a couple of sentences. Just in the run up to Christmas. This will hopefully encourage me to continue this in the new year. 


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