Day 2

This may be considered cheating slightly but here is my second daily post. I am not the most domesticated person but now that I can’t lift anything havier than a kettle for three months I have developed a sudden need to tidy up. It is so frustrating not being able to do the things I want yet knowing that if Icould I probably wouldn’t. Instead I am concentrating on finishing some of my knitted projects and getting to grips with using a tablet instead of a laptop.  I’m not sure if I can fully make the transition but I am trying to learn the word processing programs.

Watching Craft wars today Tori Spelling said some thing along the lines of a good crafter always finishes a project properly first before moving on to something else. She obviously doesn’t know many knitters. Of all the crafters I know only 2 stick to one project at a time. I do sometimes think I would  achieve more if I did one project at a time. That could work , as long as I stay offline , dont buy any magazines and don’t visit the library or any book stores.

I want to knit a baby girls cardigan as a christmas present but am sticking to my guns and concentrating on finishing the mystery blanket. When I’ve finished this post I aim to write a list of all the projects I want or need to complete and try to finish them one at  time. One thing that is good at the moment is that I can only knit my un finished projects or knit with the yarn I have easy access to as I can’t raid the stash.  The funny thing is though that my house is reminding me of the old childrens programme Playschool. Do you remembernow they used to say which window shall we go through today, or what will we find behind the x window? Well every time I open a drawer or a cupboard I seem to find some fabric or yarn.  It doesn’t bother me too much apart from the fact that I get all inspired and itching to do something new.

Oh wellanother night of sleeplessness beckons at least I’ll get another square finished only 13 more to go.


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