Day 24 One Day to go

Christmas Eve today.  Only one day to go until we meet the new doctor. Oh and it’s Christmas.
I shall miss Matt Smith, although I do feel some of the story lines were more Sarah Jane Adventures than Doctor Who. I like the fact that my predictive text automatically suggests who after Doctor. I managed to source some templates for various Christmas shapes including a star, stocking and bell. I started with the bell first but kept unpicking it as I wasn’t happy with my stitching. First I tried blanket stitch then satin stitch but neither looked right so I ended up with running stitch. I used one of my tags for the hanger and sewed a bow I made from ribbon and added some sequins to the top.  I am pleased with the result although I feel a lighter felt would show the Liberty fabric off better.

The second one I decided to make was the heart, this time I cut an extra heart from interfacing to highlight the pattern on the Liberty fabric.


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