Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas everyone.
I was sitting reading A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber when my mind wandered and I started to think about how lucky I am.
I wasn’t thinking about my family although I do consider myself extremely lucky to have to two wonderful daughters, an amazing grandson and a wonderful husband of twenty seven years. We’ve been together for thirty two years a fact I am very proud of.
I was thinking of my craft skills. I am so lucky to be able to knit and sew. As I’ve said previously I do believe that my crafting is in my DNA. I am lucky that I have the skills to make a whole wardrobe for myself , my daughters and my grandchildren.  I don’t think when I’m knitting it’s second nature. If I’m stressed I can just do some mindless knitting or even some intricate stuff and soon without noticing I am calmer.  When I sit at the sewing machine I actually feel a wave of calm come over me. I can lose my self for hours doing cross stitch or tapestry. I am also lucky in that I still see things almost through the eyes of a child and simple things please me. I take great pleasure when I see a project coming together and I will stop and look at the leaves on the tree, the clouds in the sky and any other of natures beauties I come across.
Life hasn’t always been easy but I’m still here , I am blessed and know how lucky I am.


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