At Last

I have finally made an item from the Pretty Pin Cushion book I bought ages ago. In anticipation of my recuperation I purchased 10cm of felt in every colour they had. I was going to make every one in the book. That didn’t happen although I do still have six weeks to make them.
I have been making patchwork hexagons from fabrics that I have used when stitching items for Harry. The wonderful patchwork pouch Zoe made me has been used as my hand sewing project bag and I was putting my pins in the lining. After putting the pins in the lining and drooling over the pouch again I decided I needed a mini pin cushion so that I didn’t ruin the lining. Now despite having a few mini patchwork pin cushions my brain chose that moment to forget about them but remember the pin cushion book. I chose to sew a small beaded heart. I am not normally a fan of stitching lots of beads, knitting I have no problem with. I followed,  well tried to follow, the instructions for double beaded blanket stitch.  I wasn’t happy with the quality of my sewing so I added more beads.the only other change I made was to use Hollowfibre for the stuffing.  I did enjoy making this but doubt that I will make another one.
The felt is  more electric blue than it looks in the photograph.


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