So Much For New Year Resolutions!

One of my new year resolutions is to get my stash down and I have decided that if I do not have the yarn or fabric for a project I cannot make it. However as I cannot lift more than two kilos I cannot raid my stash properly. This has led to my interesting prospects as I pick up the yarn I can reach and then see what pattern I can make from it. Another good thing is that I don’t agonise for hours over which colour to choose. A good example is the Otto Cardigan from the last post. If I’d had access to my Aran box I would have probably chosen cream or pink.
However it is my nephews birthday in the beginning of February and I have a Tardis Hat to make him and I can only reach the blue I need so I will need to buy a ball of grey Aran even though I have a full pack buried deep in my stash. I don’t have any other suitable colours handy to use instead either so this will be the only one I will be buying for. All other birthdays are after I am able to lift again and this was the only one with a specific project so no more yarn purchases, I promise.


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