Evalyn blog 1It’s been a hectic month and amongst all the  things going on I was extremely lucky to become a nana again. My daughter Sarah gave birth to the mini version of her on 29th June at 09.14am. Evalyn Dorothy Frances Jones came into the world weighing a mere six pounds five ounces. She had a huge mop of dark hair and was so petite. A month on and she has started to fill out a little, She is a tiny thing but very long. Her hair is getting lighter and now she is the image of her mother when she was born. I got very emotional the first time I saw her after  she had morphed into her mother. It was so bizarre, it was as if I was holding my first baby girl all over again. She is a noisy little thing and likes to giggle and make noises when she moves in her sleep. She is a very welcome edition to the family.


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