Not So Happy New Year

It is February, and I have to say I am very happy to see the back of January. I spent most of January sick with a recurring chest infection. I am still on antibiotics and a little breathless but I am on the mend. I wasn’t the only family member sick and it was touch and go at one point. More on this at a later date.

The de-stashing has been going very well despite this. It was a case of sitting on the floor with a pile of books and magazines for half hour periods , ruthlessly putting them in a charity bag or a few back on the shelf. I managed to donate over 6 large bin bags full of knitting, sewing, quilting books and magazines. These were donated to our local Community Learning Partnership who help people learn new crafts amongst other things. I also donated some fabric, yarn, sewing patterns with fabric that I had cut out to make for Evalyn that would be too small for her now.  It still doesn’t feel enough as there doesn’t seem much room on the shelves but it’s a start.


Evalyn blog 1It’s been a hectic month and amongst all the  things going on I was extremely lucky to become a nana again. My daughter Sarah gave birth to the mini version of her on 29th June at 09.14am. Evalyn Dorothy Frances Jones came into the world weighing a mere six pounds five ounces. She had a huge mop of dark hair and was so petite. A month on and she has started to fill out a little, She is a tiny thing but very long. Her hair is getting lighter and now she is the image of her mother when she was born. I got very emotional the first time I saw her after  she had morphed into her mother. It was so bizarre, it was as if I was holding my first baby girl all over again. She is a noisy little thing and likes to giggle and make noises when she moves in her sleep. She is a very welcome edition to the family.