It’s that time time of year when one has to start making lists. One almost has to write a list of the lists one has to write.
This year hasn’t quite got to that stage yet but so far we have the Christmas card list and the Christmas present list. It’s too early for the Christmas food list. I also have these sewing to do list and the knitting to do list, I had got to the stage where I only had one knitting project on the go but that has gone by the wayside. On my needles at the moment are:
1-Vibrant Sweater from Vogue Knitting, I am onto the body,
2-Hogwarts Express a small shawl in worsted weight yarn
3- Lille a cardigan in 4 ply for Evalyn
4- Mystery Blanket 2014 , this strictly speaking is in hibernation but I do need to start knitting it for Evalyn.
I have written another two hat patterns Harry and Nick so have been test knitting these. I am pleased with the results.
Now we come to the sewing projects. I am so very far behind with these as I just do not have any free time to sew at the minute. The knitting gets done because it’s portable and I can knit whilst travelling.
1-numerous project pouches which are the most important to get done.
2- 2 dresses for Evalyn
3- Advent calendar for Harry and Evalyn
4- stocking for Evalyn
5-tulip dress for me
6-vintage top for me
7-sew buttons on a coat
8-shorten sleeves on a top
9-2 pairs of PJs

All of these are cut out or part sewn and need to be finished. The pouches are the most important but I may need to finish the two dresses for Evalyn before she outgrows them

Christmas Nails

An update on my Ciate mini manicure advent calender. The nail polish came off easily with my boots nail polish remover.  I am pleased to report that their sequin polish has fantastic staying power. Normally when I use glitter polish it only lasts a couple of days this time I have worn it for 6 days and it is still as the day I applied it. I really dislike removing glitter polishes so it will be interesting to see how easy this one is to remove . I’m not looking forward to it.

2013 Decorations

Here are some of the decorations I made for family and friends for christmas 2013. Every year I have some tags made with Christmas 2013 by Jennifer S. Obviously I change the year but I sew these on to presents I make for the holidays
I decided to add some crochet trim to the bell
The hearts are made with Liberty fabric , felt and trimmed with beads and vintage lace that was made in England.

Day 21

Inspired by Zoes wonderful patchwork pouch I have decided to attempt to handsew the liberty print decorations I wanted to make for christmas.
They will be a simple heart shape with a ribbon to hang it one the tree. I will stuff them with hollow fibre stuffing and dried lavender from the garden. There will be a button and beads in the centre. Hand stitching can be quite therapeutic but although my cross stitching is very neat I’m not so sure about my stright stitching. I bought this fabric in two colourways the white as shown and the same design in a charcoal background. Originally I was planning on making mini stockings but I couldn’t find a template on line or in my many books and my drawing skills are non existent.

Day 19 it can be revealed

Some of you may have already worked it out. The present I was working on for my friend was Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket A Nordic Adventure. I am pleased to report she loved it and I will be making her a cushion to match. Here’s a picture


Mystery blanket 2013

I also made her a repair kit so that if disaster stikes and it gets a hole she can fix it.

I am so pleased she liked it, although to be  honest she didn’t like it she loved it. I like making things for Zoe as she always appreciates a hand crafted gift. As this was her Christmas and birthday present , we exchanged Christmas presents.  She opened hers first and then said I can’t give you yours now which  was a silly thing to say as she has made me the most beautiful hand patchwork quilted pouch. She is an amazing talented crafter and her embroidery and sewing skills are outstanding. Zoe is extremely good at the little details and always adds a little something that I wouldn’t think of.  The hexagons are all hand stitched as is the binding and the fabrics are Liberty prints. She added a gorgeous button and sewed tiny beads on top of it.  I can’t stop picking it up and  stroking it. Now I have to decide whether to use it as a handbag organiser or a notions pouch. At the moment it has my favourite pens and a pair of scissors in it.



Thanks Zoe I really do appreciate it and love it.

Eighth Day

As you all know I had all these plans for what I was going to do in my recuperation. I had also planned before I had the surgery to make stockings for my family for when boxing day.  I have already made them their main stockings for Christmas day but wanted small ones for the years when we celebrate Christmas on boxing day because the grandchildren go to their other grandparents, with their parents of course! Yes I have the fabric but am unable to make them beforehand. With this in mind I asked my daughter to get me some small stockings from Poundland. I was thinking that if I’m up to it I could use them as a template and lining and if not will use them this year and as lining next.
As you can see the ones she got me are felt and I am rather impressed with them. They only cost one pound each but each comes with a small packet of adhesive felt letters which is worth the pound on its own. Out of one pack of the letters I managed to get all four names apart from 3 letters. So in this instance I am going to forget about even attempting a stocking until next year. I will report back once they are filled by Santa and let you know if they stand up to the job.

Day seven

Amazingly I have managed to update this blog for a whole seven days in a row. Hopefully it will bbe a whole 14 days at least. In yesterdays post I commented about it being the time of the month when all my subscription come through the door.  I was right as today saw the delivery of the latest Knit Now. I subscribed to this magazine because it always has a good number of accessories and small projects I can knit from  stash. Lately thought there has been more garments in it. I still likethe magazine although I do not like the American format of a picture of the garment and then the pattern a few pages late. I prefer to have my picture and pattern in one place. This issue came with 2 free extra patterns anda pocket book of baby knits which of course I am itching to start.

This issue didn’t have as many patterns for me  as usual. I liked most of the designs in  the pocketbook but in the magazine only a baby blanket and a shawl.just as well as I can’t keep up with the patterns I do want to knit.
I am still finishing my friends birthday present which is tomorrow.  I only have about ten percent left todo. Unfortunately I am unable to do as much crafting as I thought I would be as for some reason it makes me uncomfortable where I had my op. Oh well onwards and upwards.