I confess that after my family, three huge loves in my life are fabric, yarn and stationery. I have plenty of all three but in recent years I have started to control my spending on note books with gorgeous covers. I still drool over them and if it is vastly reduced I sometimes lose all self control and purchase one. My favourite size note pad is A5 and I was not a lover of A4 until recently. Since the eighties I have owned a Filofax often buying a new personal one instead of refills when needing a new diary insert. Recently my trusty A5 Filofax gave up the fight and broke after ten years of hard work. So I went shopping for a new one. I am particular when I am choosing my Filofax. It has to have the larger rings and I prefer an elastic closure or double poppers. My decision made, I went on the search for a cerise or red Domino A5 Filofax. Now, I realise I could have ordered online and got exactly what I wanted posted to my door,but I want to support the high street and real live shops before we lose them altogether. Every Filofax stockist in Watford was searched and not one had the one I was looking for. I had almost given up and my last stop was Rymans on the parade. They didn’t have one either but what they did have at a bargain price of £25 was an A4 Filofax with an 18 month diary. I can’t resist a bargain and as I wanted to use it for pattern notes I decided to give it a try. Well I have had a complete turnaround. I love my A4 Filofax and use it daily at home. It is so versatile and I can put my patterns in it without folding them. I did manage to get my A5 one which is bursting at the seams with all my old and new pages. In my handbag I have a personal one and as a spare a pocket one. I have the whole Domino family. My stationery family is complete.



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