Well it has been a good start to 2015 and I have managed to gift 3 refuse sacks of yarn to a new knitter. I still haven’t managed to do any sewing this year which I find extremely frustrating. I am re-evaluating things and have made a tough decision regarding my freelance work. I am now fully booked for workshops for the season which is great but on the personal knitting front I keep going wrong. I knitted most of the back of Cosy by Kim Hargreaves only to discover a dropped stitch which when I picked it up made a ridge in the fabric. I had to undo 20 cm of knitting. Thankfully I have now finished the back of this. Next to go wrong was Wee Cria by Ysolda, this time I read the pattern wrong, The sleeves were finished only to discover on rereading  the pattern I should have increase every fourth row not every alternate row. This is knitted top down so 20 rows of 4ply knitting was ripped back, This still isn’t back on track yet. My vibrant sweater is on hold as I keep going wrong on the row I am on. Work is going well and I am enjoying it.

Life is good now if I can just get some sewing done .

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