Once again this year I am not giving up a single thing for Lent, however I am donating at least one item a day to charity. So far I have donated 2 pieces of furniture , loads of craft magazines and books as well as a few handbags. It feels good to destash and to give to charity. I can wholeheartedly  recommend it . My chosen charity I am donating to is Cherry Lodge Hospice .


The Year so Far

It has been a busy year. I have started two course and signed up for another.  I don’t do things by halves do I?

I have been keeping up to date with my projects………..well sort of!

My aim was and still is to make one item a week, knitted or sewn, big or small, it doesn’t matter. I just need to make something from one of my stashes.

The crafting has got off to a good start and so far I have made :

3 x baby doll dresses


3 x baby doll skirts

4 skirts for the lovely Evalyn , who chose the fabric and ribbons and helped measure them.

1 tote bag

1 felted pouch from an unfinished sweater

1 shawl

A hat for Harry

A baby hat


Aims for 2017

Well 2016 has rollercoaster of a year. I am looking forward to 2017 and will be doing the jar filled with sticky notes of good things as well as aiming for more creativity. Sewing has really fallen by the wayside in 2016 and in the coming year I will be sewing a minimum of 4 hours every week. This will be put in my calender as a normal appointment and I plan on treating it as a work date so cannot be cancelled unless I am away.

I only managed a couple of handmade christmas presents. A knitted hat for my son in law and a project bag for my best friend. I had lots of items cut out and prepped but I just ran out of time. I haven’t been updating much but a friend encouraged me to use Instagram and I have been doing at least one most a week. This I have found quite inspiring. I am flickchickknits on Instagram if you wish to follow me

This year I am determined to get the fabric stash down and to make at least an item a week. I will doing more upcycling and making lots for my wonderful granddaughter Evalyn. The blog has been a bit neglected this year so I want to update this more and again have added a calendar reminder to ensure I do it.

I would like to wish all of my followers a fabulous, happy, healthy and crafty 2017.

Work Ethic

Its been a tough year but I am just about holding it all together. I am quite self aware and I do recognise my faults and try and work on some aspects of them .

On the whole I am quite easy going and very tolerant. It has come to my attention recently that there is one are where I have very high standards and am some what intolerant. What is this I hear you wonder? It’s the work ethic. I just don’t understand how people who have a good job, can’t respect their other team members and  ensure they share the load or use their common sense to ensure one person is not left holding the baby so to speak. I have been thinking back over the years and luckily I have only experienced this in two of my job roles.
In one role one of my colleagues stole my ideas and sold them as their own, they also played the victim card, so would break down in tears if any one asked her about how they came up with the ideas. This same person would also take things off the shelf to do work for their other role and prep this stuff at work.

In another role I had a colleague who was consistently late and when you tried to speak to them, they had a don’t care attitude. You knew the time you started when you took the role. Why do think it’s okay for you to be late and others not? They were quite happy to go off the floor numerous times for cigarette breaks not caring if there was anyone left in the department or not. As long as their needs were met that’s all that mattered in their eyes.

In both these examples I guess it’s down to bad management. If you let someone continuously get away with things they will never think they are accountable and will continue their bad behaviour. Some one said to me recently that I should accept that people have different work ethics to me, which I guess is one way to look at it, but why shouldn’t everyone in a good job, at the same level have a good work ethic?








I thought I would take part in this years Ravellenics. For those of you not in the know, Ravellenics is a knitting competition on the fabulous Ravelry. timed to tie in with the Olympic games. We cast on during the opening ceremony and finish before the end of the closing one. There are numerous events for us to take part in and laurels to be won. These include WIP Wrestling, Scarf Hockey and Bag Backstroke, full list below with how many competing in each category. For each event we wish to enter we set up a project page with tags for the relevant event. I am in Team Tea Yarn 2016

Ravellenic Summer Games 2016 Events

Afghan Marathon 174 entries 1%
Bag Backstroke 118 entries 7%
Cowl Jump 352 entries 1%
Frogging Trampoline 764 entries 43%
Garment Polo 148 entries 7%
Hat Dash 721 entries 5%
Household Heptathalon 331 entries 9%
Mitten Medley 255 entries 2%
Scarf Hockey 261 entries 2%
Shawl Sailing 842 entries 0%
Sock-Put 541 entries 1%
Sweater Triathalon 617 entries 0%
Synchronized Spinning 135 entries 8%
Toy Toss 310 entries 7%
WIPs Wrestling 2953 entries 3%
The other projects I plan on knitting are Zauberlehring a nice easy scarf to do whenever I have time but can’t concentrate on something more difficult, Daughter of Eve fingerless mitts and  Back hand Hitch fingerless mittens for Harry or Evalyn as I can’t decide on which yarn to use. The final project I entered was this years Mystery Blanket from Debbie Abrahams. I am behind with my squares so I have set myself the target to finish the ones up to August as well. I made my self a chart so I can track how much I have do and how much I have done.
 I am really looking forward to all this knitting , once it’s all done I can get back to some sewing.

My Babies

My grandchildren aren’t really babies anymore. As you know little miss Evalyn loves the blue fabric with spots and carries her blanket everywhere with her. I thought I would make her a bunny in the fabric. Unfortunately it didn’t go down very well, when I first have it to her. The reason we discovered, was , that she thought I had taken her blanket and turned it into the bunny. Harry after seeing Evalyns said he would like one, I had already promised to knit him one , but as this is quicker, I readily agreed. I brought one of the boxes of fabric down and he repeatedly chose the Liberty Tana Lawn Zoo print fabric. I readily agreed and as you can see in the end they both love their rabbits.


Pen Flushing

I promised earlier that I would write a more detailed post about maintaining your fountain pens. I have been writing with fountain pens for decades . There is a serene pleasure writing with a fountain pen. Over the years I would rinse my pens out  with varying degrees of success, when they wouldn’t write properly. Recently I have been made aware that one should be flushing your pens every 6- 8 weeks or when you change the brand of ink you are using. 


Rinse the nib of pen and place nib in a beaker of water, just enough to cover the nib piece. Leave for 24 hours.

If there is a lot of ink in the water you can replace the water after an hour and then leave until e 24 hours are up.

After 24 hours place nib in an empty container with a piece of kitchen roll or blotting paper and leave until it has dryed fully

  I have been having issues uploading posts lately so will add more pictures at a later date.