It’s baby season

Baby season has arrived and I now have three, possibly four people I know that are with child. With this in mind I immediately started going through my numerous baby books and deciding what to knit. There are so many gorgeous knitting patterns that I am having a tough time deciding which one to do first. I cant wait to start raiding the stash properly to knit all these quick knits . I’ve already started with an impulse baby knit. In The Knitter issue 36 there is lovely mini layette designed by Sarah Hatton called Cherish in Rowan wool cotton. A great quick fix for a finished item, so far I have knitted the hat and one mitten in a blue grey Rowan Wool Cotton.
As I can be prone to do I was panicking about getting lots of baby bits done as well as the Christmas knitting when I had a lightbulb moment to replace the doh moment. The first baby is due in February so the baby bits can wait until after the christmas knitting is done. I am still working on the A-Z for the year which Cherish threw off track a bit. I have a few possibilities for the remainder of the alphabet before 2012 so hopefully my aim will be achieved. I have 4 sets of gloves, scarves and hats to make for Christmas so it’s time to get knitting