Almost done

It’s nearly New Years Eve Eve! Thanks for sticking with me I can’t believe I’ve managed to post each day even if I did occasionally forget to press the publish button . A very short post this but a quick update on the Ciate nail polish. The red is the only one which has shown slight signs of wear. It is slightly chipped at the top but it is still in good condition for five days

Christmas Nails

An update on my Ciate mini manicure advent calender. The nail polish came off easily with my boots nail polish remover.  I am pleased to report that their sequin polish has fantastic staying power. Normally when I use glitter polish it only lasts a couple of days this time I have worn it for 6 days and it is still as the day I applied it. I really dislike removing glitter polishes so it will be interesting to see how easy this one is to remove . I’m not looking forward to it.