It’s all going well

The yarn destash is continuing and as of today I have destashed the grand total of ..18810g. It is still quite a satisfying and almost therapeutic thing to do. The fabric won’t be as easy, but I am due a granddaughter at the end of June so lots will be used to make clothes for her. However I very much doubt that any will be sold or given away.
It doesn’t feel as if I’ve knitted much although I have. Zahras coat is complete I just need to sew the buttons on, still knitting Ysoldas follow my arrow shawl, knitted Evalyn a bonnet, two of my mystery blanket squares and a cowl for a swap.

Update buttons sewn on

Pattern–toddler-tiered-coat-and-jacket YARN Touch Yarns Mt Pisa
Yarn in 25g
Yarn out knitted 385g
Yarn out sold/donated 8350g
Total 19110g –

Over commit much?

Late last year I bought Ysoldas Follow the Arrow MKAL (mystery knit a long). I was determined to knit from stash and found some Precious 4ply silk.itisso lovely and soft and a dream to knit with. I cannot post a picture of the shawl until the knit a long is finished but here’s the yarn.

When I signed up to this I thought that I’d never done a mystery knit a long before, then brain kicked in and I remembered Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket . I guess I don’t think of it as a mystery knit a long and yet that is definitely what it is. So as well as doing the follow the arrow shawl, I am doing Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket and a smaller version of her playmat blanket. In my brain fog I also signed up for a couple of swaps which involve knitting a small item. There are also the birthday presents I will be knitting and I have a long list of sewing I need to do. I knitted option B in the shawl but after seeing option A I was very tempted to cast on another shawl, luckily common sense took  ovetr and if I haven’t got too much on once its finished I may knit another and use more of my stash.
I am only putting totals in and out once a project is finished

One present down

I have finished my second project this year.itis the T.A.R.D.I.S hat for my nephew birthday.he is massive doctor who fan and has been since he was three.  Iam hoping to knit him a dalek facecloth to with it . This is the only project I am buying/have boughtyarn for this year.
I used Rowan Pure Wool Aran.and Kid classic for the cream from stash . It was a fairly easily knit. I did swiss darn the cream windows after knitting them.
This used about 110g of the Pure Wool Aran and a few metres of the kid classic.

Yarn in 200g
Yarn out knitted 100g
Yarn out sold/donated 2660g
Total 2014 – 5860g

Digital Subscription Costs Illogical

I am having a good think about my current craft magazine subscriptions and a lot I will not be renewing. The problem with craft magazines, knitting ones in particular is that one tends to hold onto them once you have flicked though them. I think it’s because they have the knitting patterns in them and there is that way of thinking that I might need this pattern one day. It’s ridiculous really. If I was to buy one of the glossies for the same price I would recycle it once I’ve flicked through so why can’t I do the same with my craft ones. Every year I go through them all and see which ones I really am unlikely to need and either give them to a group or friend or I recycle them.
This time around I thought I would go the digital route. This would mean I could have all my copies on my tablet or laptop to browse at my leisure and never have to throw a copy away again. I browsed the various formats and imagine my shock and disbelief when I saw the price. The digital copy of Knit Now is £20 more than the hard copy. What makes it even worse is that you don’t get the cover gifts or any free gift that is offered if you take out a subscription and you don’t get your magazine until release date. I’m not fussed about the free gifts but if I am not getting them I would expect the subscription cost to reflect that. I have looked at other magazines as well and they all appear to be the same. You pay the same price for digital or hard copy yet with some of the hard copies you get a free gift as well.
As you can imagine I have gone with the paper copy. Twenty pounds was too big a difference to pay.

Day seven

Amazingly I have managed to update this blog for a whole seven days in a row. Hopefully it will bbe a whole 14 days at least. In yesterdays post I commented about it being the time of the month when all my subscription come through the door.  I was right as today saw the delivery of the latest Knit Now. I subscribed to this magazine because it always has a good number of accessories and small projects I can knit from  stash. Lately thought there has been more garments in it. I still likethe magazine although I do not like the American format of a picture of the garment and then the pattern a few pages late. I prefer to have my picture and pattern in one place. This issue came with 2 free extra patterns anda pocket book of baby knits which of course I am itching to start.

This issue didn’t have as many patterns for me  as usual. I liked most of the designs in  the pocketbook but in the magazine only a baby blanket and a shawl.just as well as I can’t keep up with the patterns I do want to knit.
I am still finishing my friends birthday present which is tomorrow.  I only have about ten percent left todo. Unfortunately I am unable to do as much crafting as I thought I would be as for some reason it makes me uncomfortable where I had my op. Oh well onwards and upwards.

Busy , busy, busy

It’s been a busy few months. One might even use the word hectic.
I’ve done lots of crafting, been on a mini holiday, caught up with friends and family and lots of work.
There’s also been lots of time spent with my wonderful grandson who is becoming even more of a character.
Sewing seems to have the main craft over the last few months although I still got lots of knitting done.
Although I have made lots from my stash I have made a few bits for work which I used new fabric for. I made some project bags from the gorgeous Rowan laminate. My favourite is the blue one which is an Amy Butler Alchemy design,there is a matching cotton fabric so I used this to line my project bag. It’s not like standard oilcloth it is much softer and as it is designed for sewing it goes through the machine easily and is soft. I really enjoyed making them the only problem was that I ended up buying some to make presents with.

I also made a cover for my Filofax. As much as I am fairly tech savvy I still prefer a paper diary. I used all my odd bits of fabric to create a patchwork piece of fabric big enough to make the cover. It was a very random pieces of patchwork no two bits were the same. I them experiment with my machine and embroidered various stitches randomly over the fabric. Before I did the embroidery I appliqued a tulip from Amanda Addisona

I normally think too much about the placement of pieces so this free form patchwork was a nice change.




Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

First is the baby blanket. I was working on this before my daughter was even married let alone expecting. It was meant to be one of those projects that would be ready long before my daughter became pregnant, but as usual I got side tracked by other projects. The blanket design is by the wonderful Debbie Abrahams, called Building Blocks and knitted in the lovely Rowan Wool Cotton. All from stash.
The only change I made was that I knitted it 5 x 7 instead of 7 x 7

It’s baby season

Baby season has arrived and I now have three, possibly four people I know that are with child. With this in mind I immediately started going through my numerous baby books and deciding what to knit. There are so many gorgeous knitting patterns that I am having a tough time deciding which one to do first. I cant wait to start raiding the stash properly to knit all these quick knits . I’ve already started with an impulse baby knit. In The Knitter issue 36 there is lovely mini layette designed by Sarah Hatton called Cherish in Rowan wool cotton. A great quick fix for a finished item, so far I have knitted the hat and one mitten in a blue grey Rowan Wool Cotton.
As I can be prone to do I was panicking about getting lots of baby bits done as well as the Christmas knitting when I had a lightbulb moment to replace the doh moment. The first baby is due in February so the baby bits can wait until after the christmas knitting is done. I am still working on the A-Z for the year which Cherish threw off track a bit. I have a few possibilities for the remainder of the alphabet before 2012 so hopefully my aim will be achieved. I have 4 sets of gloves, scarves and hats to make for Christmas so it’s time to get knitting

Knit Nation 2011

Yesterday I had a fantastic time at Knit Nation. Stashbusting went out the window and more luscious yarn was purchased. I did get almost everything on my shopping list and of course a bit more.

There was only one yarn on my shopping list and ironically it’s the only thing on my list I didn’t get. It was mainly needles as I need to get another sock circular in various sizes and a couple of pairs of tips for my Knit Pro. I needed a 9mm and 10 mm tip but as they are sizes I don’t use a great deal I decided to try the Spectrum points which I bought from

At I bought all my Hiya Hiya mini circulars. There were about seven sizes I needed and later in the day when I got fed up with losing stitches off my DPNs I went back and bought a 40cm circular to continue knitting it. I was going to take my Mystery Cushion knitting but decided to take a couple of small items I wouldn’t have to think about. I knitted the Snowflake hat from Making magazine except for the swiss darning and a small purse from Knitting magazine. Coincidentally both projects I took with me were designed by Erika Knight.

At last it’s the phot of my haul from Knit Nation