Today I am in the strange position of not having anything on the needles. The cove cardigan pictured below is finally finished,its more of a coat than a cardigan and I have 3 or 4 blankets to finish, but there are no squares on the needles so it is just weird. I really want to start a new project, but, as usual there aren’t any patterns in my vast library that jump out and say knit me. Well that’s not strictly true. I have grabbed a few balls from the stash I want to use these and it is for these yarns I can’t find the “knit me” pattern. I don’t want to knit a pattern I have knitted previously, I want to knit a new one. I keep going back to a new one I would need to buy, but why, why, why does this always happen when you have shelves full of patterns ?

A Tale of Two Projects

I am currently knitting two projects (not including those in the UFO pile), my Cove Cardigan, which has been on the needles far too long and a Slip stitch scarf. They are very different project with yarns of completely different weights  and fibres. I knitted both this evening and whilst I enjoyed both, a realisation came to me. A light bulb moment if you like.  I knit them in a different way. The cove Cardigan, I enjoy the first few rows and then whilst I still enjoy knitting it , it is more about getting finished and becomes a bit of a chore.  The slip stitch scarf is a a soothing pattern to knit, I’m not sure if it’s the simpleness of the pattern or the yarn- Manos De Uruguay  Nanu- or the thin needles. The slip stitch scarf is so relaxing and enjoyable to knit, I am definitely knitting this one for pleasure . My only concern is how long the yarn will last.

It’s funny how different projects give you different experiences, both have wonderful yarns. For the Cove cardigan I am using the sadly discontinued Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky in a gorgeous undyed Shetland colour. The slip stitch scarf is knitted in  a silk, merino bamboo blend. It is deliciously soft and smooth. I am using a mid grey and deep blue. This pattern could be the one to use up all those skeins of sock yarn.

Lovely yarn

As you will all know I love Alpaca yarns.  I am currently knitting the Vibrant Colourwork Sweater as shown in the last post and  am enjoying every stitch I am knitting.

Rowan Alpaca Colour is a real pleasure to knit with. It’s one of those yarns that just glides off the needles. I have already made one sleeve and have started the second one. The body with all its wondrous colourwork is calling me but I am remaining strong and knitting the sleeves first. I love this pattern and yarn


Too Much Choice

I have finally finished Santorini from Rowan magazine 53. I cheated slightly and didn’t knit the flower on the front as I intend to make fabric corsages from Rowan fabric and wear these with it.
Time to choose a new project and I am so torn , there are so many patterns I want to knit and 4 I have organised the yarn for. The problem is I keep changing my mind on which one to knit first.
The first of the four options is Eldorado from rowan magazine 55. You can follow my progress here. like Santorini this is the cover knit. I will still be using Rowan Cotton Glace but these colours.


My second choice is Kiki from Kim Hargreaves amazing new book Honey. In my opinion this is her best book for a while and there’s a few in this I want to knit. Again Stash will be used and slightly different colours. The yarn the pattern calls for is the dreaded Kidsilk Haze which I have a love hate Relationship with. My progress can be found here.


The third of the four comes from this months Knit Today in which there are a few patterns I want to knit. I was very nearly tempted to subscribe as they have a great subscription offer but thought to myself I can’t cope with the amount of patterns I have so NO. As soon as I saw Clementine by Sarah Hatton I knew I had to knit it, in red. This one hasn’t made it to my project page yet.


The fourth is from Marie Wallins Windswept, which needs its own post, so more on that next time.


I promise to use proper titles after Christmas.  Exciting news I am on the last leg of my friends present. I so excited and hope she likes it. I am hoping to go to my knit group tomorrow night at the pub. I haven’t been for four weeks. I received the previews of the new Rowan magazine released 15th January and I love it. I can’t  say too much yet but I love the patterns and new pattern books and yarns. Soo much to choose from, what to knit first.  I have until Jnauary 15th to get all my UFOs finished. Who I am trying to kid? It’s not likely to happen. At least now I can start on Zahras present.  I see lace knitting in my future.  Silly me walked too far today so am a bit tired and sore but even so I feel better for walking a bit further.  When my friend came to visit me she brought me a box of  sea salt caramel fudge. OMG I love it.I am not a person who could eat a box of chocolates in one sitting,  but this fudge took real self control not to eat the whole thing.  Salted caramel my one weakness,