Two Odd Socks

I have finished two socks. However they do not make a pair. I finished the first footlet sock by Anna Tillman and the first Kai Mei by Cookie A. It does seem rather strange to have two separate socks. I am not sure which one to cast on first for the second sock.



I am also over the halfway mark for the second Dominika collar which I aim to finish before the end of the week


Off the wagon

Well so much for my “I will not start another project until I finish some my other”. I was meeting a friend for a coffee, a chat and of course to do some knitting but all my current WIPs require either lots of yarn being taking or concentration. There really was no other option but to start something simple I could do without thinking about. With this in mind I cast on another pair of socks. This time they are trainer socks and just plain stocking stitch. A nice easy knit which I shall use as my travel/chat knitting.
On the plus side I have managed to finish another one of my WIPs. The Field of Dreams baby blanket for my friend. All I need to do is back it and it is finished. I managed to get some nursery fabric that is perfect for it from the UK Karma group on Ravelry.