Day Five

Today not much has been done.
My lovely friend Zoe came to visit me yesterday with the adorable Zahra. I was very good and didn’t lift anything I wasn’t supposed to but this morning I was exhausted and in pain. With the help of the pain killers the pain has eased but I am still exhausted despite spending most of today sleeping and resting.
Yesterday I did manage to make a list of everyone I would like to make a christmas present for in ……..2014. I wrote it in my project notebook and beside the children’s name I put their age that they will be.
I also went through my Ravelry queue and deleted a few items where I would need to buy the pattern or didn’t think I would make it. I then wrote in my trusty project book some of the items in my queue and the yarn I need to make them. Hopefully between these two lists I should get some done. One thing I am thinking is that as I go through the stash if I come across any of the yarns to make one of the projects I can tackle that project first. I am still finishing my friends presnt which should be done by her birthday. I am really enjoying making it even if progress isn’t as quick as I would like


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